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Wash Select II

Wash Select II

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The Wash Select II is a premium entry system for the unattended automatic car wash market. As the leading car wash entry system for the petroleum market, its patented, ergonomically-designed front features daylight-readable LCD displays that guide customers through the car wash payment process while promoting the purchase of upgrades. The Wash Select II is also available for the Canadian market.

Customer Convenience
Using the Wash Select II to select and pay for a car wash is simple. Options and costs are clearly presented and can be selected with the simple press of a button.

Marketing Options
Programming options allow car wash owners to promote up to three services (such as wax, tire shine, etc.). These features allow a site owner to upsell ultimately increase revenue.

Some configurations contain pager and remote management tools that will allow site owners to automatically receive system updates and reports, as well as manage the addition, removal or editing of fleet accounts. The Wash Select II integrates with a WashPay site server for optimal efficiency.

The Wash Select II’s heavy gauge stainless steel door and security bar work to keep profits secure. Optional alarm and camera surveillance systems are also available.

WashPay Interface
Enhance the functionality of your Wash Select II by adding a WashPay Site Controller, providing integrated reporting for revenue, accounting and pricing. This enhancement also increases marketing capabilities with additional “house account” options and promotions.

When paired with a POS4000/V2, customers may purchase washes at a gas pump, in the C-store and at the wash entrance. The POS4000 offers additional selling capabilities and accounting controls that help to maximize profits.

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